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Social Activites

Vandana studied at St Xavier's College in Mumbai and has since donned various hats including that of a model, a deejay and an advertising professional. After being thrown out of her marital home with just the clothes on her back and Rs 750 in the bank, Vandana rebuilt her world and founded the first Indian support group to help people going through a divorce, 360 Degrees Back to Life. She has since come full circle from being a litigant to being a divorce lawyer and practices at the family court in Mumbai. Vandana writes a monthly column in the magazine, Black and White Oman and she edits Ex-Files, India's first divorce newsmagazine. She has also participated in the Lead India Programme and was the winner from Mumbai in 2010. Vandana's work for the cause of women going through divorce in India has resulted in a BBC documentary about her work, entitled Invisible Women of India. This was broadcast worldwide on international Women's Day in 2014. Her first book endorsed by the iconic feminist Gloria Steinem won an award and she has translated another book on the Jain faith from English to Hindi. The Ex Files documents her personal journey from divorcee to her inspirational transformation into a lawyer and campaigner helping others going through divorce in India.

360DEGREESBACKTOLIFE is a support group that provides non-judgmental support to those going through divorce.

It is the first group in India that provides a positive perspective to and focuses on rebuilding your life even while going through a divorce. Divorce in India is still a stigma and those who are going through it are constantly ostracized by society.This group was initiated by me, Vandana Shah, about 6 years ago after having gone through this myself. The basic purpose was to provide help required to cope while going through a divorce.Our group has kept in touch via email and has been extremely successful which has been acknowledged by its members and their families. As with all support groups we don't discuss the identities of the members outside our support group.

Based on the personal experience of the members of my group and my own I have written a book called 360degreesbacktolife-A litigant's humorous perspective on divorce. It can be described even as a "How To..." for divorce. A how to handle, go through, get over and emerge a stronger person in divorce because there are no winners in a divorce only losers.

City Farming

City Farming is an innovative technology that deals with organic farming in urban areas and essentially on terraces. UNDP has recognized this new approach. City Farming is the most appropriate, economical and the proven answer for the disposal of organic waste with a dual advantage of growing vegetables and fruits, etc. Vandana has been involved with this initiative for 7 years and now consults for them for workshops and lectures worldwide.