360 Degrees Back to Life

A non-profit organization that operates independently of any government aid.360 BTL (Back To Life ) is a support group that provides non-judgmental support to those going through divorce.

It is the first group in India that provides a positive perspective to and focuses on rebuilding your life even while going through a divorce. Divorce in India is still a stigma and those who are going through it are constantly ostracized by society. This group was initiated by me, Vandana Shah, about 15 years ago after having gone through this myself. The basic purpose was to provide help required to cope with a divorce. Our group has been extremely successful which has been acknowledged by its members and their families. As with all support groups we don’t discuss the identities of the members outside our support group.

rebuilding lives

Instead of wiping away your tears . Wipe away the people who made you cry.

360 Degrees Back To Life – India’s first support group initiatiated by Vandana Shah provides a positive perspective and focuses on rebuilding your life even while going through a divorce. 

Based on the personal experience of the members of my group and my own Vandana has written a book called 360degreesbacktolife-A litigant’s humorous perspective on divorce. It can be described even as a “How To…” for divorce. A how to handle, go through, get over and emerge a stronger person in divorce because there are no winners in a divorce only losers.

The support group has rebuilt the lives of many, especially in pursuing an education to pursue a career.