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The EX-FILES is a story about a woman who, despite her best efforts to save her marriage, found herself facing a divorce petition. But instead of wallowing in self pity Vandana picked up the pieces of her shattered life and moved straight on. She not only found a job and became a community leader, she also started India's first divorce support group. Vandana s personal stories reveal the hardship of divorce and the joys of emerging stronger with your positive thinking and humour intact. The book also deals with the legal and social aspects of divorce which are so often overlooked in India. At once funny, tragic and uncompromisingly honest this memoir will resonate with anyone who has endured the end of a marriage and come out changed.

Travel with a young woman from India as she navigates a perilous six-year journey through divorce, courts, alimony, bitterness, humiliation, and social disgrace all with a positive attitude in life. Cheer for her when she finds a job, starts a divorce group, and retaliates with quick comebacks to inappropriate and hurtful remarks. Most of all, celebrate her survival with her positive thinking and humor intact.

360 degrees back to life..
360 degrees back to life works on support and goodwill and has changed the lives of people. Contributions and support to the group are welcome.

Vandana Shah is a young woman from Ambala City who moved to a metropolis Mumbai. She was orphaned at a young age. She has degrees in psychology and marketing and is in her final year of studying law. She was married for six months to a man from a wealthy Indian family. When he filed for divorce, her life was shattered. 360 Degrees Back to Life is the story of humiliation and social stigma surrounding divorce that still exists in India, her realization of the need of divorce support groups, and her courage to start such a group.

The author will be donating a part of her earnings toward "Empowerment of Women-In Divorce". All donations and contributions are welcome for 360degreesbacktolife.